Guidebook on air pollution interdependencies for various stakeholders

The guidebook, prepared by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) and Sofia Development Association, is a free tool for policy, research, education, industry and environmental bodies to understand the processes leading to undesired high levels of pollution in urban areas.

Best practice analysis on common global initiatives

This document, prepared by the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB), contains a review of the trends in mobility solutions, related to the main innovation of INNOAIR, namely on-demand transport (with electric minibuses) combined with “mobility as a service” like technologies, low emission zones and congestion charging model.

Multi-stakeholder dialogue on air pollution interdependencies report

Air pollution in Sofia has long been a problem and despite recent positive developments, the city is still struggling to overcome this complex challenge. Air quality measures are interrelated and finding out how they affect each other will help optimize them faster.

Developing ideas for stimuli for citizens to switch to sustainable transportation - Co-creation Workshop Report

The transition to the use of urban and sustainable transport is a task that requires motivation not only from the institutions, but also from citizens and the business sector. In this regard, the Sofia Development Association, in partnership with Sofia Municipality, organized a co-creation design workshop on developing ideas for stimuli for citizens to switch to sustainable transportation with the participation of over 30 young and active citizens, business representatives and local institutions. The report presents the generated ideas and proposals, as well as the existing incentives.


А guide providing ideas and suggestions for empowerment to local authorities, universities and businesses how to lead the way for a local community that cares. The examples are based on participatory research and co-design process in Sofia.

Passenger behavior analysis

Passenger behavior analysis may be carried out from a different perspective, depending on the final goals and the available data. In this report we only cover some of the available options, focusing on those of them that are relevant for achieving the goals of INNOAIR project.


First issue of the INNOAIR project newsletter

 In the first edition of the INNOAIR project newsletter, you will find not only information about the key developments in mobility in recent months, but also:
- Results and analysis of a survey on citizens' attitudes towards the transition to active transport.
-  Information on the introduction of low-emission zones in the capital.
- Opportunities for involvement in the creation of solutions for innovative urban mobility.

Second issue of the INNOAIR project newsletter

The INNOAIR newsletter updates you on what has happened in the last three months in the field of clean air and sustainable mobility in Sofia: new mobile services, needs and initiatives of people and businesses, R&D, research on human behavior in transport, opportunities to participate in taking decisions.

Third issue of the INNOAIR project newsletter

The INNOAIR newsletter shares with you how we contribute to smarter urban mobility and cleaner air in Sofia. We are happy to present the latest exciting solutions, initiatives and achievements in sustainable mobility in Sofia in the last three months. Stay informed!