Very soon, a new transport service will be introduced in Sofia - public transport on demand in the south-western districts of Sofia. The minibuses will be electric and their routes will be determined based on the demand of the users. The new electric minibuses will be requested by a mobile application, they will pick up citizens from the nearest possible point and take them to the nearest subway or tram line. This innovative transport service is implemented for the first time in Europe and in the framework of INNOAIR project.

Sofia Municipality and Sofia Development Association organized a design competition for the new transport service in partnership with New Bulgarian University. The students' task was to create a design that shows that the minibuses are part of the public transport system, but also that their use is via an application and without a fixed route.

Students from the Bachelor's program "Web Design and Graphic Advertising", NBU, took part in the competition and worked on the projects with great desire and enthusiasm. The projects they present are creative and colorful, modern and simple. A jury composed of representatives of the Sofia Municipality, Sofia Development Association and New Bulgarian University made the difficult decision which projects should be implemented. Three projects reached the final, and two of them will be realized, as their designs are similar and complement each other. These are the projects of Kemi Dimitrova Kostadinova and Vanessa Ventsislavova Panayotova. Congratulations on the ideas, we look forward to seeing them implemented soon!

The competition is held within the INNOAIR project, the first and so far the only project from Bulgaria, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative. The project introduces for the first time in Europe on demand public transport, as well as for the first time in Sofia and Bulgaria low emission zone, green corridors, and the mobile application SofiaCoin with awards for active transport.