The mobile application developed as part of the INNOAIR project now has a name! After the start of the green on-demand public transportation service, which will be implemented in the framework of the project, its users will be able to find the application on Google Play and iTunes as BUSINN.

 The app is currently undergoing final extensive testing before launch. The mobile application will be completely free to download and will give access to all functionalities of the service.

Modeshift Europe's central position in the INNOAIR project involves the creation and implementation of an on-demand public transportation platform (ODPTP) which will be carried out by a team of dedicated professionals already dealing with similar projects.

INNOAIR will pilot the first in Europe “on-demand green public transport” in Sofia, which will entirely shift the way public transport works.

Modeshift’s DRT (demand-responsive transportation) platform creates dynamic route patterns based on demand, taking into account the preferred pick-up location and destination of all current requests. A user-friendly application will leverage machine learning and advanced data analytics to create the most efficient route for each ride, collecting as many passengers as possible.