Sofia Municipality now has software for analysis and optimization of public transport schemes, as part of preparations for the introduction of the service "Green Public Transport on Demand" under the INNOAIR project.

It is expected that the data from the software will improve the transport schemes, which will include optimization of the routes of the lines and their performance (number of cars per line, intervals of movement, speed of movement), in order to maximize the number of passengers line and reduce the number of trips by car.

One of the modules of this software allows for the counting of passengers in vehicles, through artificial intelligence specially trained to recognize people.

In general, the development processes historical data on the movement of vehicles in the entire urban transport network, which measures and visualizes on a specially designed interface daily load on each line, speed of vehicles, accumulated delays and accelerations on the line, comparison between the lines and checking the corrections made on them.

The accumulation of data will be the main tool of Sofia Municipality for planning and introduction of new or change of existing routes of lines, changes in schedules and / or frequency of transport, acceleration of their movement in certain sections and prioritization of public transport in places , in which he accumulates long delays from traffic, etc.

The functionalities of the development are expected to lead to the optimization of the transport schemes for public transport, a higher degree of mobility in urban areas under the conditions of economically advantageous movement and guaranteed environmental protection with provided: maximum accessibility, security, safety, connectivity, diverse and convenient transport, reduction of harmful emissions from vehicles and reduction of the use of motor vehicles by increasing the number of passengers by public transport.

Moreover INNOAIR provided an analysis of the improvement of transport services in three areas covering the neighborhoods Manastirski Livadi, Pavlovo, Boyana, Karpuzitsa and Gorna Banya. The document processes and integrates data from the zones on the load of public transport lines, road traffic, air pollution, data on population movement, demographic, population and cadastral data on the population in the zones. The analysis also provides data on the current state of the transport scheme and specific proposals for improvement through changes in existing timetables, potential changes in the route of the lines and proposals for the launch of "Green Public Transport on Demand" in the areas.