“INNOAIR is a look into the future, refracted through the prism of current traffic and air pollution problems. The pursuit for cleaner air forms a strong collaboration between scientists, businesses and citizens and has led to ambitious and unprecedented public transport services that need to be tested.

We are pleased to be preparing to provide cleaner air in our city through the introduction of on-demand green public transport in combination with green corridors and low-emission zones.” said Deputy Mayor Kristian Krastev during the first edition of the forum Green Transition - Solutions and Challenges for Bulgaria in the panel Smart Mobility and Traffic.

According to him, the intelligent bus is the one that adapts routes and boarding schedules for passengers and improves their experience. Transport that operates in accordance with consumer demand. The INNOAIR project will offer just that - the on-demand green public transport service - a leap into the future. The route along which the electric buses will run will be determined by the requests of the citizens submitted through a mobile application. The green public transport will be available in certain neighborhoods and will transport passengers to the nearest rail stop - metro station or tram stop.

In addition, INNOAIR works a great deal with artificial intelligence. During the project in several districts of Sofia, an analysis of schedules and routes of land transport will be performed. Based on an algorithm that estimates the maximum effect of the transport service (number of passengers, points of interest, vehicle load, potential new trips, etc.), the software will propose changes to the existing lines of the already operating public transport. To power the algorithm, all available data from the analytical system for counting passengers in vehicles, from land transport to the ticket system and the timetable system will be used.

You can learn more about the event Green Transition - Solutions and Challenges for Bulgaria here: https://greentransition.bg/