Sofia will launch its first mobile app to motivate citizens to change their transport behavior by using positive incentives.

The ambitious steps to modal shift and decarbonization cannot rely only on infrastructure development and public transport fleet renewal. Without the support of the people to use them the infrastructures themselves become meaningless.

Promotional campaigns and financial incentives can go some way towards encouraging people to change their behaviour, but they rarely generate lasting engagement and loyalty. To get real buy-in, people need to experience it for themselves, to feel a valued part of the process, to see the outcome and to enjoy being involved.

The smartphone app entitled Sofia Coin will ask citizens to track how they use transport modes and routes and reward them individually for choosing active or sustainable modes, such as walking and cycling. The app will also measure the positive effect on environment of every journey. Equally important, the app will show the routes most travelled every trimester and they will be included in the investment programme of Sofia Municipality making sure they are in good condition, with user-friendly connections. Thus, data gathered and used feedback will inform policy and improve network.