What do INNOAIR and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) have in common?

The EU strategy for the Danube region consists of 12 priority areas, one of which is mobility, but among them are also capacity building, knowledge and more. However, innovation and digitization are defined as an integral part of the development of all areas. The experience of the innovative INNOAIR project shows that improving mobility would not be possible without the use of digital data, but also that other important factors should not be overlooked. Like, for example, the positive public attitude, which is achieved through good information, as well as the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders.

A conference on "Innovation and Digitization" was held on 22 September, organized by the Slovak EUSDR, which brought together over 170 experts from the public and private sectors. Prof. Stanimir Kabaivanov from the Plovdiv University presented the INNOAIR project as an example of a project that turns Sofia into a smart city. He focused not only on the innovation and high-tech work with huge data sets and artificial intelligence, but also on the lessons learned so far from the overall work. 

During the discussion, experts confirmed that they would take into account Sofia's recommendations for greater flexibility in measuring the innovation index presented in the European Innovation Scoreboard. They also said that they were aware of the need for an increasingly in-depth exchange of knowledge and experience, especially negative ones, in order to avoid repeating mistakes already made. The holistic approach used by the INNOAIR team was identified as key to achieving a sustainable ecosystem.

You can learn more about the event HERE. A detailed program of the conference can be viewed HERE. The presentation presented by the INNOAIR project is available HERE