During the weekend, another information meeting was held with the citizens of the "Manastirski livadi - West" district, which aimed to further explain to the residents of the area the pros and details surrounding the launch of the public on demand transportation service - a pilot project for the city of Sofia.

The innovative concept, which is currently being implemented in the capital, is part of the Innoair project.

The information meeting started with a tour of the neighborhood with one of the electric minibuses, that are part of the service, in which the citizens who came were also able to get on and see exactly how the system will work. They learned about the taxation methods, how they can signal to the driver that they want to get off the vehicle at a location of their choice, and where all the drop-off and pick-up points will be.

After the tour, the residents of the neighborhood held a more in-depth discussion with the representatives of the civil organization "Manastirski livadi - West", the deputy mayor of Sofia Municipality Doncho Barbalov, and the head of Sofia’s "Transport" Directorate Ivan Nikolov, who answered their questions about the service.

The attendees were also able to get acquainted with the BUSINN mobile app, through which they will be able to order a minibus to pick them up, see the movement of the minibuses in real time and check for a nearby drop-off or pick-up point.

BUSINN is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.