The active lifestyle app SofiaCoin is announcing new exciting prizes for its users, including tickets to performances in Sofia’s leading theaters and a brand new modern tablet.

SofiaCoin is the result of joint efforts in the framework of the INNOAIR project. The app allows users to earn various rewards based on the distance they walk or cycle in the city of Sofia.

The more kilometers app users travel on foot or by a bicycle, the closer they are to the opportunity to win one of the prizes waiting for them in SofiaCoin. Theater tickets are provided by leading metropolitan theaters, including the "Vazrazhdane" Theater and the "Behind the Canal" Small City Theater. If anyone wants to get two tickets to some of the most interesting productions on the city’s stages, they need to install the SofiaCoin app on their smartphone and be among the first to walk 120 kilometers with it. After reaching the goal, the user must claim his or her reward if they are among the first to cover that distance.

Sofia Development Association, an INNOAIR project partner, also wants to surprise SofiaCoin users by giving away a brand new Lenovo tablet to the first app subscriber who manages to walk or run 250 kilometers and claim their prize.

 The SofiaCoin app can be downloaded for iOs and Android.

In 2023 SofiaCoin will offer even more rewards and interesting opportunities.