Sofia municipality, Sofia Development Association, Sofia Urban Mobility Center, Modeshift Europe ltd., together with community association “United for Manastirski Livadi – West” oranized an information day to present the new electric minibuses and the on-demand service in the Manastirski Livadi neighbouthood.

The information day was held at the weekend, om December 3rd, 2022, to allow maximum citizens to get involved. Along one of the major streets, Mur Street, by the kids’ playground, the INNOAIR team put boards with maps of the neighbourhood, workshop materials and snacks and refreshments on the chill morning. The aim was to develop – together with the citizens – potential on-demand bus routes and more importantly – points of interest where citizens would like to get to, as well as preferred time zones for their travel.

The citizens were invited to try the mobile application BUSINN, to see how it works for the driver and for the dispatch back office. The app is based on AI calculating optimum routes to service maximum users and create minimum traffic and waiting times.

One of the e-minibuses was available for the residents to see, get to know its features – from Wi-Fi and power outlets to low floors and a ramp for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The last amenity is of particular importance to the residents since many of them have young children.

Many residents took a ride in the minibus in the neighbourhood and their experience was very positive. 

The residents proposed measures how to make this innovative transport service more popular. They were also interested in the tariff and the use of public transport monthly and year cards. Around 20 residents of Manastirski Livadi volunteered to be test users of the app and bus in the coming days and provide feedback on features like ordering, waiting times, routes, etc.