The students from University of Forestry answered the question "How can proper landscaping improve the urban environment and air quality?"

The project that took the first award was presented with the idea of highlighting a good example. Residents of the selected area (around Todor Kableshkov Bldv.) have already created a colorful space that effectively purifies the air and contributes to both the natural ecosystem and the beautiful urban environment. To show that they embrace their initiative, second-year students Simona Novoselska and Merlin Nezhdet have chosen for their project the place next to their flower bed, which will now double its size. All the plants that the students have selected are very easy to maintain and extremely effective. We hope that the good example will be passed on!

The second award took a project that includes flowers as well as shrubs and trees. It was developed by Alexander Georgiev and consists of plants that are drought-tolerant, bloom from early spring to late autumn and have a long-lasting decorative effect.

Third award went to the project, which looked into the Chinese philosophy of "Yin and Yang". With its geometric shape, the author sent a clear message about the need for ecological balance. The project was created and presented by Elis Basrieva.

The decision on which of the projects to receive funding was made by a competent jury represented by experts from Sofia Municipality and the University of Forestry: Hristo Valchanov, Deputy Mayor of Triaditsa District; Iva Valkova, Ch. expert, Transport Activity Department; arch. Katerina Kanevcheva, Ch. expert, Green Systems Directorate, and Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Anisimova, lecturer in Decorative Dendrology and Floriculture, LTU.

The creativity of the students extends widely, so the decision was difficult. Slavi Dichev's project includes vegetation that serves as a sound insulator. Penka Rudeva's proposal was in the form of the world-renowned Bulgarian embroidery, and Maria Todorova recreated the house of Todor Kableshkov, whose name is the boulevard on which the winning project will be implemented.

In the gallery below you can get acquainted with some of the projects and participants.